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Duotone block support flag.

Function Short description
wp_get_duotone_filter_idReturns the prefixed id for the duotone filter for use as a CSS id.
wp_get_duotone_filter_propertyReturns the CSS filter property url to reference the rendered SVG.
wp_get_duotone_filter_svgReturns the duotone filter SVG string for the preset.
wp_register_duotone_supportRegisters the style and colors block attributes for block types that support it.
wp_render_duotone_supportRenders out the duotone stylesheet and SVG.
wp_tinycolor_bound01Takes input from [0, n] and returns it as [0, 1].
wp_tinycolor_hsl_to_rgbConverts an HSL object to an RGB object with converted and rounded values.
wp_tinycolor_hue_to_rgbHelper function for hsl to rgb conversion.
wp_tinycolor_rgb_to_rgbRounds and converts values of an RGB object.
wp_tinycolor_string_to_rgbParses hex, hsl, and rgb CSS strings using the same regex as TinyColor v1.4.2 used in the JavaScript. Only colors output from react-color are implemented.
_wp_tinycolor_bound_alphaDirect port of tinycolor's boundAlpha function to maintain consistency with how tinycolor works.