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Block navigation areas functions.

Function Short description
get_navigation_areasReturns the available navigation areas.
register_navigation_areasRegisters the navigation areas supported by the current theme. The expected shape of the argument is: array( 'primary' => 'Primary', 'secondary' => 'Secondary', 'tertiary' => 'Tertiary', )
_wp_get_menu_items_at_locationReturns the menu items for a WordPress menu location.
_wp_migrate_menu_to_navigation_postMigrates classic menus to a block-based navigation post on theme switch.
_wp_parse_blocks_from_menu_itemsTurns menu item data into a nested array of parsed blocks
_wp_register_default_navigation_areasRegister the default navigation areas.
_wp_sort_menu_items_by_parent_idSorts a standard array of menu items into a nested structure keyed by the id of the parent menu.