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WP_Debug_Data:: (6 methods):

Class: WP_Debug_Data  - X-Ref

Class for providing debug data based on a users WordPress environment.

check_for_updates()   X-Ref
Calls all core functions to check for updates.

debug_data()   X-Ref
Static function for generating site debug data when required.

return: array The debug data for the site.

get_mysql_var( $mysql_var )   X-Ref
Returns the value of a MySQL system variable.

return: string|null The variable value on success. Null if the variable does not exist.
param: string $mysql_var Name of the MySQL system variable.

format( $info_array, $data_type )   X-Ref
Format the information gathered for debugging, in a manner suitable for copying to a forum or support ticket.

return: string The formatted data.
param: array  $info_array Information gathered from the `WP_Debug_Data::debug_data()` function.
param: string $data_type  The data type to return, either 'info' or 'debug'.

get_database_size()   X-Ref
Fetch the total size of all the database tables for the active database user.

return: int The size of the database, in bytes.

get_sizes()   X-Ref
Fetch the sizes of the WordPress directories: `wordpress` (ABSPATH), `plugins`, `themes`, and `uploads`.
Intended to supplement the array returned by `WP_Debug_Data::debug_data()`.

return: array The sizes of the directories, also the database size and total installation size.

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