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WordPress Administration Importer API.

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Functions that are not part of a class:

get_importers()   X-Ref
Retrieves the list of importers.

return: array

_usort_by_first_member( $a, $b )   X-Ref
Sorts a multidimensional array by first member of each top level member.

Used by uasort() as a callback, should not be used directly.

param: array $a
param: array $b
return: int

register_importer( $id, $name, $description, $callback )   X-Ref
Registers importer for WordPress.

param: string   $id          Importer tag. Used to uniquely identify importer.
param: string   $name        Importer name and title.
param: string   $description Importer description.
param: callable $callback    Callback to run.
return: void|WP_Error Void on success. WP_Error when $callback is WP_Error.

wp_import_cleanup( $id )   X-Ref
Cleanup importer.

Removes attachment based on ID.

param: string $id Importer ID.

wp_import_handle_upload()   X-Ref
Handles importer uploading and adds attachment.

return: array Uploaded file's details on success, error message on failure.

wp_get_popular_importers()   X-Ref
Returns a list from WordPress.org of popular importer plugins.

return: array Importers with metadata for each.

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