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Functions that are not part of a class:

deprecatedProperty( propName, version, replacement )   X-Ref
Throws an error for a deprecated property.

param: {string} propName    The property that was used.
param: {string} version     The version of WordPress that deprecated the property.
param: {string} replacement The property that should have been used.

deprecateL10nObject( name, l10nObject, version )   X-Ref
Deprecate all properties on an object.

return: {object} The object with all its properties deprecated.
param: {string} name       The name of the object, i.e. commonL10n.
param: {object} l10nObject The object to deprecate the properties on.
param: {string} version    The version of WordPress that deprecated the property.

changeStructureTagButtonState( button )   X-Ref
Enables or disables a structure tag button depending on its usage.

If the structure is already used in the custom permalink structure,
it will be disabled.

param: {Object} button Button jQuery object.

currentMenuItemHasPopup()   X-Ref
Handles the `aria-haspopup` attribute on the current menu item when it has a submenu.

return: {void}

adjustSubmenu( $menuItem )   X-Ref
Ensures an admin submenu is within the visual viewport.

return: {void}
param: {jQuery} $menuItem The parent menu item containing the submenu.

makeNoticesDismissible()   X-Ref
Makes notices dismissible.

return: {void}

toggleUploadButton()   X-Ref
Determines if any data is entered in any file upload input.

return: {void}

pinMenu( event )   X-Ref
Pins the menu while distraction-free writing is enabled.

return: {void}
param: {Event} event Event data.

resetHeights()   X-Ref
Determines the height of certain elements.

return: {void}

unpinMenu()   X-Ref
Unpins the menu.

return: {void}

setPinMenu()   X-Ref
Pins and unpins the menu when applicable.

return: {void}

aria_button_if_js()   X-Ref
Add an ARIA role `button` to elements that behave like UI controls when JavaScript is on.

return: {void}

getViewportWidth()   X-Ref
Get the viewport width.

return: {number|boolean} The current viewport width or false if the

setMenuState()   X-Ref
Sets the admin menu collapsed/expanded state.

Sets the global variable `menuState` and triggers a custom event passing
the current menu state.

return: {void}

triggerEvent()   X-Ref
No description

fireOnce()   X-Ref
Fires the trigger event again after 200 ms.

return: {void}

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