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Functions that are not part of a class:

getNavMenuCount()   X-Ref
Get number of non-deleted nav menus.

return: {number} Count.

updateNoticeVisibility()   X-Ref
Update visibility of notice to prompt users to create menus.

return: {void}

addChangeEventListener( setting )   X-Ref
Handle setting addition.

return: {void}
param: {wp.customize.Setting} setting - Added setting.

removeChangeEventListener( setting )   X-Ref
Handle setting removal.

return: {void}
param: {wp.customize.Setting} setting - Removed setting.

menuItemIdToSettingId( menuItemId )   X-Ref

param: {string} menuItemId

displayNavMenuName( name )   X-Ref
Apply sanitize_text_field()-like logic to the supplied name, returning a
"unnammed" fallback string if the name is then empty.

return: {string}
param: {string} name

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