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/wp-admin/ -> update-core.php (summary)

Update Core administration panel.

File Size: 1332 lines (46 kb)
Included or required: 1 time
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Includes or requires: 5 files

Defines 10 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

list_core_update( $update )   X-Ref
Lists available core updates.

param: object $update

dismissed_updates()   X-Ref
Display dismissed updates.

core_upgrade_preamble()   X-Ref
Display upgrade WordPress for downloading latest or upgrading automatically form.

core_auto_updates_settings()   X-Ref
Display WordPress auto-updates settings.

list_plugin_updates()   X-Ref
Display the upgrade plugins form.

list_theme_updates()   X-Ref
Display the upgrade themes form.

list_translation_updates()   X-Ref
Display the update translations form.

do_core_upgrade( $reinstall = false )   X-Ref
Upgrades WordPress core display.

param: bool $reinstall

do_dismiss_core_update()   X-Ref
Dismiss a core update.

do_undismiss_core_update()   X-Ref
Undismiss a core update.

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