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SVG icons related functions

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Functions that are not part of a class:

twentynineteen_get_icon_svg( $icon, $size = 24 )   X-Ref
Gets the SVG code for a given icon.

twentynineteen_get_social_icon_svg( $icon, $size = 24 )   X-Ref
Gets the SVG code for a given social icon.

twentynineteen_get_social_link_svg( $uri, $size = 24 )   X-Ref
Detects the social network from a URL and returns the SVG code for its icon.

twentynineteen_nav_menu_social_icons( $item_output, $item, $depth, $args )   X-Ref
Display SVG icons in social links menu.

param: string  $item_output The menu item output.
param: WP_Post $item        Menu item object.
param: int     $depth       Depth of the menu.
param: array   $args        wp_nav_menu() arguments.
return: string  $item_output The menu item output with social icon.

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