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Twenty Seventeen back compat functionality Prevents Twenty Seventeen from running on WordPress versions prior to 4.7, since this theme is not meant to be backward compatible beyond that and relies on many newer functions and markup changes introduced in 4.7.

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twentyseventeen_switch_theme()   X-Ref
Prevent switching to Twenty Seventeen on old versions of WordPress.

Switches to the default theme.

twentyseventeen_upgrade_notice()   X-Ref
Adds a message for unsuccessful theme switch.

Prints an update nag after an unsuccessful attempt to switch to
Twenty Seventeen on WordPress versions prior to 4.7.

twentyseventeen_customize()   X-Ref
Prevents the Customizer from being loaded on WordPress versions prior to 4.7.

twentyseventeen_preview()   X-Ref
Prevents the Theme Preview from being loaded on WordPress versions prior to 4.7.

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