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Custom Colors Class

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Twenty_Twenty_One_Custom_Colors:: (7 methods):

Class: Twenty_Twenty_One_Custom_Colors  - X-Ref

This class is in charge of color customization via the Customizer.

__construct()   X-Ref
Instantiate the object.

custom_get_readable_color( $background_color )   X-Ref
Determine the luminance of the given color and then return #fff or #000 so that the text is always readable.

param: string $background_color The background color.
return: string (hex color)

generate_custom_color_variables( $context = null )   X-Ref
Generate color variables.

Adjust the color value of the CSS variables depending on the background color theme mod.
Both text and link colors needs to be updated.
The code below needs to be updated, because the colors are no longer theme mods.

param: string|null $context Can be "editor" or null.
return: string

custom_color_variables()   X-Ref
Customizer & frontend custom color variables.

return: void

editor_custom_color_variables()   X-Ref
Editor custom color variables.

return: void

get_relative_luminance_from_hex( $hex )   X-Ref
Get luminance from a HEX color.

param: string $hex The HEX color.
return: int Returns a number (0-255).

body_class( $classes )   X-Ref
Adds a class to <body> if the background-color is dark.

param: array $classes The existing body classes.
return: array

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