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Server-side rendering of the `core/comments` block.

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render_block_core_comments( $attributes, $content, $block )   X-Ref
Renders the `core/comments` block on the server.

This render callback is mainly for rendering a dynamic, legacy version of
this block (the old `core/post-comments`). It uses the `comments_template()`
function to generate the output, in the same way as classic PHP themes.

As this callback will always run during SSR, first we need to check whether
the block is in legacy mode. If not, the HTML generated in the editor is
returned instead.

param: array    $attributes Block attributes.
param: string   $content    Block default content.
param: WP_Block $block      Block instance.
return: string Returns the filtered post comments for the current post wrapped inside "p" tags.

register_block_core_comments()   X-Ref
Registers the `core/comments` block on the server.

comments_block_form_defaults( $fields )   X-Ref
Use the button block classes for the form-submit button.

param: array $fields The default comment form arguments.
return: array Returns the modified fields.

enqueue_legacy_post_comments_block_styles( $block_name )   X-Ref
Enqueues styles from the legacy `core/post-comments` block. These styles are
required only by the block's fallback.

param: string $block_name Name of the new block type.

register_legacy_post_comments_block()   X-Ref
Ensures backwards compatibility for any users running the Gutenberg plugin
who have used Post Comments before it was merged into Comments Query Loop.

The same approach was followed when core/query-loop was renamed to

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