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__webpack_require__(moduleId)   X-Ref
No description

getDefault()   X-Ref
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getModuleExports()   X-Ref
No description

htmlSplit(input)   X-Ref
Separate HTML elements and comments from the text.

return: {string[]}        The formatted text.
param: {string} input The text which has to be formatted.

replaceInHtmlTags(haystack, replacePairs)   X-Ref
Replace characters or phrases within HTML elements only.

return: {string}                             The formatted text.
param: {string}                haystack     The text which has to be formatted.
param: {Record<string,string>} replacePairs In the form {from: 'to', …}.

autop(text, br = true)   X-Ref
Replaces double line-breaks with paragraph elements.

A group of regex replaces used to identify text formatted with newlines and
replace double line-breaks with HTML paragraph tags. The remaining line-
breaks after conversion become `<br />` tags, unless br is set to 'false'.

return: {string}         Text which has been converted into paragraph tags.
param: {string}    text The text which has to be formatted.
param: {boolean}   br   Optional. If set, will convert all remaining line-

removep(html)   X-Ref
Replaces `<p>` tags with two line breaks. "Opposite" of autop().

Replaces `<p>` tags with two line breaks except where the `<p>` has attributes.
Unifies whitespace. Indents `<li>`, `<dt>` and `<dd>` for better readability.

return: {string}      The content with stripped paragraph tags.
param: {string} html The content from the editor.

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