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Sitemaps: WP_Sitemaps_Provider class This class is a base class for other sitemap providers to extend and contains shared functionality.

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Functions that are not part of a class:

get_sitemap_type_data()   X-Ref
Gets data about each sitemap type.

return: array[] Array of sitemap types including object subtype name and number of pages.

get_sitemap_entries()   X-Ref
Lists sitemap pages exposed by this provider.

The returned data is used to populate the sitemap entries of the index.

return: array[] Array of sitemap entries.

get_sitemap_url( $name, $page )   X-Ref
Gets the URL of a sitemap entry.

param: string $name The name of the sitemap.
param: int    $page The page of the sitemap.
return: string The composed URL for a sitemap entry.

get_object_subtypes()   X-Ref
Returns the list of supported object subtypes exposed by the provider.

return: array List of object subtypes objects keyed by their name.

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