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ParagonIE_Sodium_Core32_ChaCha20_Ctx:: (5 methods):

Class: ParagonIE_Sodium_Core32_ChaCha20_Ctx  - X-Ref

Class ParagonIE_Sodium_Core32_ChaCha20_Ctx

__construct($key = '', $iv = '', $counter = '')   X-Ref
ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_ChaCha20_Ctx constructor.

param: string $key     ChaCha20 key.
param: string $iv      Initialization Vector (a.k.a. nonce).
param: string $counter The initial counter value.

offsetSet($offset, $value)   X-Ref

return: void
param: int $offset
param: int|ParagonIE_Sodium_Core32_Int32 $value

offsetExists($offset)   X-Ref

return: bool
param: int $offset

offsetUnset($offset)   X-Ref

return: void
param: int $offset

offsetGet($offset)   X-Ref

return: mixed|null
param: int $offset

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