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Block Editor API.

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get_default_block_categories()   X-Ref
Returns the list of default categories for block types.

return: array[] Array of categories for block types.

get_block_categories( $editor_name_or_post )   X-Ref
Returns all the categories for block types that will be shown in the block editor.

return: array[] Array of categories for block types.
param: string|WP_Post $editor_name_or_post The name of the editor (e.g. 'post-editor')

get_allowed_block_types( $editor_name )   X-Ref
Gets the list of allowed block types to use in the block editor.

return: bool|array Array of block type slugs, or boolean to enable/disable all.
param: string $editor_name The name of the editor (e.g. 'post-editor').

get_default_block_editor_settings()   X-Ref
Returns the default block editor settings.

return: array The default block editor settings.

get_block_editor_settings( $editor_name, $custom_settings = array()   X-Ref
Returns the contextualized block editor settings settings for a selected editor type.

return: array The contextualized block editor settings.
param: string $editor_name     The name of the editor (e.g. 'post-editor').
param: array  $custom_settings Optional custom settings to use with the editor type.

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