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Canonical API to handle WordPress Redirecting Based on "Permalink Redirect" from Scott Yang and "Enforce www. Preference" by Mark Jaquith

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redirect_canonical( $requested_url = null, $do_redirect = true )   X-Ref
Redirects incoming links to the proper URL based on the site url.

Search engines consider www.somedomain.com and somedomain.com to be two
different URLs when they both go to the same location. This SEO enhancement
prevents penalty for duplicate content by redirecting all incoming links to
one or the other.

Prevents redirection for feeds, trackbacks, searches, and
admin URLs. Does not redirect on non-pretty-permalink-supporting IIS 7+,
page/post previews, WP admin, Trackbacks, robots.txt, favicon.ico, searches,
or on POST requests.

Will also attempt to find the correct link when a user enters a URL that does
not exist based on exact WordPress query. Will instead try to parse the URL
or query in an attempt to figure the correct page to go to.

param: string $requested_url Optional. The URL that was requested, used to
param: bool   $do_redirect   Optional. Redirect to the new URL.
return: string|void The string of the URL, if redirect needed.

lowercase_octets( $matches )   X-Ref
Converts the first hex-encoded octet match to lowercase.

param: array $matches Hex-encoded octet matches for the requested URL.
return: string Lowercased version of the first match.

_remove_qs_args_if_not_in_url( $query_string, array $args_to_check, $url )   X-Ref
Removes arguments from a query string if they are not present in a URL
DO NOT use this in plugin code.

param: string $query_string
param: array  $args_to_check
param: string $url
return: string The altered query string

strip_fragment_from_url( $url )   X-Ref
Strips the #fragment from a URL, if one is present.

param: string $url The URL to strip.
return: string The altered URL.

redirect_guess_404_permalink()   X-Ref
Attempts to guess the correct URL for a 404 request based on query vars.

return: string|false The correct URL if one is found. False on failure.

wp_redirect_admin_locations()   X-Ref
Redirects a variety of shorthand URLs to the admin.

If a user visits example.com/admin, they'll be redirected to /wp-admin.
Visiting /login redirects to /wp-login.php, and so on.

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