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Feed API: WP_SimplePie_File class

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Class: WP_SimplePie_File  - X-Ref

Core class for fetching remote files and reading local files with SimplePie.

__construct( $url, $timeout = 10, $redirects = 5, $headers = null, $useragent = null, $force_fsockopen = false )   X-Ref

param: string       $url             Remote file URL.
param: integer      $timeout         Optional. How long the connection should stay open in seconds.
param: integer      $redirects       Optional. The number of allowed redirects. Default 5.
param: string|array $headers         Optional. Array or string of headers to send with the request.
param: string       $useragent       Optional. User-agent value sent. Default null.
param: boolean      $force_fsockopen Optional. Whether to force opening internet or unix domain socket

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