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Sitemaps: WP_Sitemaps_Stylesheet class This class provides the XSL stylesheets to style all sitemaps.

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WP_Sitemaps_Stylesheet:: (4 methods):

Class: WP_Sitemaps_Stylesheet  - X-Ref

Stylesheet provider class.

render_stylesheet( $type )   X-Ref
Renders the XSL stylesheet depending on whether it's the sitemap index or not.

param: string $type Stylesheet type. Either 'sitemap' or 'index'.

get_sitemap_stylesheet()   X-Ref
Returns the escaped XSL for all sitemaps, except index.

get_sitemap_index_stylesheet()   X-Ref
Returns the escaped XSL for the index sitemaps.

get_stylesheet_css()   X-Ref
Gets the CSS to be included in sitemap XSL stylesheets.

return: string The CSS.

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