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default_password_nag ( No parameters )
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function default_password_nag() {
	global $pagenow;
	if ( 'profile.php' == $pagenow || ! get_user_option('default_password_nag') ) //Short circuit it.

	echo '<div class="error default-password-nag">';
	echo '<p>';
	echo '<strong>' . __('Notice:') . '</strong> ';
	_e('You&rsquo;re using the auto-generated password for your account. Would you like to change it to something easier to remember?');
	echo '</p><p>';
	printf( '<a href="%s">' . __('Yes, take me to my profile page') . '</a> | ', get_edit_profile_url() . '#password' );
	printf( '<a href="%s" id="default-password-nag-no">' . __('No thanks, do not remind me again') . '</a>', '?default_password_nag=0' );
	echo '</p></div>';

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