A WordPress-centric search engine for devs and theme authors

Why wpseek.com?

Originally wpseek.com was built as some kind of gateway for my little Firefox plugin "WordPress Helper" to handle all kinds of search requests.

It's obvious what it turned out in the end. You just look at it. The facts:

  • Results page
  • Neat Auto-suggest that maps its content from anywhere within the function name
  • Related Codex Documentation
  • Code Snippets
  • Top Google Search Results
  • User discussions
  • User Notes
  • AJAXified results page; no need to reload page on any operation

You can add wpseek.com as a search engine in your favourite browser. Look at the upper right of your browser.

Last but not least, muchas gracias to Andreas Petermann for having, err... fun with RegExp. ;-) He's a god in writing CSS, so feel free to contact him.