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Block template loader functions.

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_add_template_loader_filters()   X-Ref
Adds necessary hooks to resolve '_wp-find-template' requests.

locate_block_template( $template, $type, array $templates )   X-Ref
Finds a block template with equal or higher specificity than a given PHP template file.

Internally, this communicates the block content that needs to be used by the template canvas through a global variable.

param: string   $template  Path to the template. See locate_template().
param: string   $type      Sanitized filename without extension.
param: string[] $templates A list of template candidates, in descending order of priority.
return: string The path to the Site Editor template canvas file, or the fallback PHP template.

resolve_block_template( $template_type, $template_hierarchy, $fallback_template )   X-Ref
Returns the correct 'wp_template' to render for the request template type.

param: string   $template_type      The current template type.
param: string[] $template_hierarchy The current template hierarchy, ordered by priority.
param: string   $fallback_template  A PHP fallback template to use if no matching block template is found.
return: WP_Block_Template|null template A template object, or null if none could be found.

_block_template_render_title_tag()   X-Ref
No description

get_the_block_template_html()   X-Ref
Returns the markup for the current template.

return: string Block template markup.

_block_template_viewport_meta_tag()   X-Ref
Renders a 'viewport' meta tag.

This is hooked into {@see 'wp_head'} to decouple its output from the default template canvas.

_strip_template_file_suffix( $template_file )   X-Ref
Strips .php or .html suffix from template file names.

param: string $template_file Template file name.
return: string Template file name without extension.

_block_template_render_without_post_block_context( $context )   X-Ref
Removes post details from block context when rendering a block template.

param: array $context Default context.
return: array Filtered context.

_resolve_template_for_new_post( $wp_query )   X-Ref
Sets the current WP_Query to return auto-draft posts.

The auto-draft status indicates a new post, so allow the the WP_Query instance to
return an auto-draft post for template resolution when editing a new post.

param: WP_Query $wp_query Current WP_Query instance, passed by reference.

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