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Core Navigation Menu API

Function Short description
wp_get_nav_menu_to_editReturns the menu formatted to edit.
wp_initial_nav_menu_meta_boxesLimit the amount of meta boxes to pages, posts, links, and categories for first time users.
wp_nav_menu_disabled_checkCheck whether to disable the Menu Locations meta box submit button and inputs.
wp_nav_menu_item_link_meta_boxDisplays a meta box for the custom links menu item.
wp_nav_menu_item_post_type_meta_boxDisplays a meta box for a post type menu item.
wp_nav_menu_item_taxonomy_meta_boxDisplays a meta box for a taxonomy menu item.
wp_nav_menu_manage_columnsReturns the columns for the nav menus page.
wp_nav_menu_post_type_meta_boxesCreates meta boxes for any post type menu item.
wp_nav_menu_setupRegister nav menu meta boxes and advanced menu items.
wp_nav_menu_taxonomy_meta_boxesCreates meta boxes for any taxonomy menu item.
wp_nav_menu_update_menu_itemsSaves nav menu items.
wp_save_nav_menu_itemsSave posted nav menu item data.
_wp_ajax_menu_quick_searchPrints the appropriate response to a menu quick search.
_wp_delete_orphaned_draft_menu_itemsDeletes orphaned draft menu items
_wp_nav_menu_meta_box_objectAdds custom arguments to some of the meta box object types.