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WordPress Administration Privacy Tools API.

Function Short description
wp_privacy_generate_personal_data_export_fileGenerate the personal data export file.
wp_privacy_generate_personal_data_export_group_htmlGenerate a single group for the personal data export report.
wp_privacy_process_personal_data_erasure_pageMark erasure requests as completed after processing is finished.
wp_privacy_process_personal_data_export_pageIntercept personal data exporter page Ajax responses in order to assemble the personal data export file.
wp_privacy_send_personal_data_export_emailSend an email to the user with a link to the personal data export file
_wp_personal_data_cleanup_requestsCleans up failed and expired requests before displaying the list table.
_wp_personal_data_handle_actionsHandle list table actions.
_wp_privacy_completed_requestMarks a request as completed by the admin and logs the current timestamp.
_wp_privacy_resend_requestResend an existing request and return the result.