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Server-side rendering of the `core/navigation` block.

Function Short description
block_core_navigation_block_contains_core_navigationReturns true if the navigation block contains a nested navigation block.
block_core_navigation_build_css_colorsBuild an array with CSS classes and inline styles defining the colors which will be applied to the navigation markup in the front-end.
block_core_navigation_build_css_font_sizesBuild an array with CSS classes and inline styles defining the font sizes which will be applied to the navigation markup in the front-end.
block_core_navigation_filter_out_empty_blocksFilter out empty "null" blocks from the block list.
block_core_navigation_from_block_get_post_idsGet post IDs from a navigation link block instance.
block_core_navigation_get_classic_menu_fallbackGet the classic navigation menu to use as a fallback.
block_core_navigation_get_classic_menu_fallback_blocksConverts a classic navigation to blocks.
block_core_navigation_get_fallback_blocksRetrieves the appropriate fallback to be used on the front of the site when there is no menu assigned to the Nav block.
block_core_navigation_get_menu_items_at_locationReturns the menu items for a WordPress menu location.
block_core_navigation_get_most_recently_published_navigationFinds the most recently published `wp_navigation` Post.
block_core_navigation_get_post_idsIterate through all inner blocks recursively and get navigation link block's post IDs.
block_core_navigation_maybe_use_classic_menu_fallbackIf there's a the classic menu then use it as a fallback.
block_core_navigation_parse_blocks_from_menu_itemsTurns menu item data into a nested array of parsed blocks
block_core_navigation_render_submenu_iconReturns the top-level submenu SVG chevron icon.
block_core_navigation_sort_menu_items_by_parent_idSorts a standard array of menu items into a nested structure keyed by the id of the parent menu.
block_core_navigation_typographic_presets_backcompatibilityFilter that changes the parsed attribute values of navigation blocks contain typographic presets to contain the values directly.
register_block_core_navigationRegister the navigation block.
render_block_core_navigationRenders the `core/navigation` block on server.