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wp-includes/blocks/site-logo.php › WordPress File

Server-side rendering of the `core/site-logo` block.

Function Short description
register_block_core_site_logoRegisters the `core/site-logo` block on the server.
register_block_core_site_logo_settingRegister a core site setting for a site logo
render_block_core_site_logoRenders the `core/site-logo` block on the server.
_override_custom_logo_theme_modOverrides the custom logo with a site logo, if the option is set.
_sync_custom_logo_to_site_logoUpdates the site_logo option when the custom_logo theme-mod gets updated.
_sync_custom_logo_to_site_logo_on_setup_themeHooks `_sync_custom_logo_to_site_logo` in `update_option_theme_mods_$theme`.
_sync_site_logo_to_custom_logoUpdates the custom_logo theme-mod when the site_logo option gets updated.