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Core Taxonomy API

Function Short description
add_term_metaAdds metadata to a term.
clean_object_term_cacheRemoves the taxonomy relationship to terms from the cache.
clean_taxonomy_cacheClean the caches for a taxonomy.
clean_term_cacheWill remove all of the term IDs from the cache.
create_initial_taxonomiesCreates the initial taxonomies.
delete_term_metaRemoves metadata matching criteria from a term.
get_ancestorsGet an array of ancestor IDs for a given object.
get_objects_in_termRetrieve object_ids of valid taxonomy and term.
get_object_taxonomiesReturn the names or objects of the taxonomies which are registered for the requested object or object type, such as a post object or post type name.
get_object_term_cacheRetrieves the cached term objects for the given object ID.
get_post_taxonomiesRetrieve all taxonomy names for the given post.
get_taxonomiesRetrieves a list of registered taxonomy names or objects.
get_taxonomyRetrieves the taxonomy object of $taxonomy.
get_taxonomy_labelsBuilds an object with all taxonomy labels out of a taxonomy object.
get_tax_sqlGiven a taxonomy query, generates SQL to be appended to a main query.
get_termGet all Term data from database by Term ID.
get_termsRetrieves the terms in a given taxonomy or list of taxonomies.
get_term_byGet all Term data from database by Term field and data.
get_term_childrenMerge all term children into a single array of their IDs.
get_term_fieldGet sanitized Term field.
get_term_linkGenerate a permalink for a taxonomy term archive.
get_term_metaRetrieves metadata for a term.
get_term_to_editSanitizes Term for editing.
get_the_taxonomiesRetrieve all taxonomies associated with a post.
has_term_metaGet all meta data, including meta IDs, for the given term ID.
is_object_in_taxonomyDetermine if the given object type is associated with the given taxonomy.
is_object_in_termDetermine if the given object is associated with any of the given terms.
is_taxonomy_hierarchicalDetermines whether the taxonomy object is hierarchical.
is_taxonomy_viewableDetermines whether a taxonomy is considered "viewable".
register_taxonomyCreates or modifies a taxonomy object.
register_taxonomy_for_object_typeAdd an already registered taxonomy to an object type.
register_term_metaRegisters a meta key for terms.
sanitize_termSanitize all term fields.
sanitize_term_fieldCleanse the field value in the term based on the context.
taxonomy_existsDetermines whether the taxonomy name exists.
term_existsDetermines whether a taxonomy term exists.
term_is_ancestor_ofCheck if a term is an ancestor of another term.
the_taxonomiesDisplay the taxonomies of a post with available options.
unregister_taxonomyUnregisters a taxonomy.
unregister_taxonomy_for_object_typeRemove an already registered taxonomy from an object type.
unregister_term_metaUnregisters a meta key for terms.
update_object_term_cacheUpdates the cache for the given term object ID(s).
update_termmeta_cacheUpdates metadata cache for list of term IDs.
update_term_cacheUpdates Terms to Taxonomy in cache.
update_term_metaUpdates term metadata.
wp_add_object_termsAdd term(s) associated with a given object.
wp_cache_set_terms_last_changedSets the last changed time for the 'terms' cache group.
wp_check_term_hierarchy_for_loopsChecks the given subset of the term hierarchy for hierarchy loops.
wp_check_term_meta_support_prefilterAborts calls to term meta if it is not supported.
wp_count_termsCount how many terms are in Taxonomy.
wp_defer_term_countingEnable or disable term counting.
wp_delete_categoryDeletes one existing category.
wp_delete_object_term_relationshipsWill unlink the object from the taxonomy or taxonomies.
wp_delete_termRemoves a term from the database.
wp_get_object_termsRetrieves the terms associated with the given object(s), in the supplied taxonomies.
wp_get_split_termGet the new term ID corresponding to a previously split term.
wp_get_split_termsGet data about terms that previously shared a single term_id, but have since been split.
wp_get_term_taxonomy_parent_idReturns the term's parent's term_ID.
wp_insert_termAdd a new term to the database.
wp_remove_object_termsRemove term(s) associated with a given object.
wp_set_object_termsCreate Term and Taxonomy Relationships.
wp_term_is_sharedDetermine whether a term is shared between multiple taxonomies.
wp_unique_term_slugWill make slug unique, if it isn't already.
wp_update_termUpdate term based on arguments provided.
wp_update_term_countUpdates the amount of terms in taxonomy.
wp_update_term_count_nowPerform term count update immediately.
_get_term_childrenGet the subset of $terms that are descendants of $term_id.
_get_term_hierarchyRetrieves children of taxonomy as Term IDs.
_pad_term_countsAdd count of children to parent count.
_prime_term_cachesAdds any terms from the given IDs to the cache that do not already exist in cache.
_update_generic_term_countWill update term count based on number of objects.
_update_post_term_countWill update term count based on object types of the current taxonomy.
_wp_batch_split_termsSplits a batch of shared taxonomy terms.