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get_editable_roles › WordPress Function

get_editable_roles ( No parameters )
  • (array[]) Array of arrays containing role information.
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Fetch a filtered list of user roles that the current user is allowed to edit.

Simple function whose main purpose is to allow filtering of the list of roles in the $wp_roles object so that plugins can remove inappropriate ones depending on the situation or user making edits. Specifically because without filtering anyone with the edit_users capability can edit others to be administrators, even if they are only editors or authors. This filter allows admins to delegate user management.


function get_editable_roles() {
	$all_roles = wp_roles()->roles;

	 * Filters the list of editable roles.
	 * @since 2.8.0
	 * @param array[] $all_roles Array of arrays containing role information.
	$editable_roles = apply_filters( 'editable_roles', $all_roles );

	return $editable_roles;