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apply_filters( "{$action}_overrides", $overrides, $file )
Parameters: (2)
  • (array|false) $overrides An array of override parameters for this file. Boolean false if none are provided. See {@see _wp_handle_upload()}.
    Required: Yes
  • (array) $file { Reference to a single element from `$_FILES`. @type string $name The original name of the file on the client machine. @type string $type The mime type of the file, if the browser provided this information. @type string $tmp_name The temporary filename of the file in which the uploaded file was stored on the server. @type int $size The size, in bytes, of the uploaded file. @type int $error The error code associated with this file upload. }
    Required: Yes
Defined at:

Filters the override parameters for a file before it is uploaded to WordPress.

The dynamic portion of the hook name, $action, refers to the post action.

Possible hook names include:

  • wp_handle_sideload_overrides
  • wp_handle_upload_overrides


$overrides = apply_filters( "{$action}_overrides", $overrides, $file );