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auto_update_{$type} › WordPress Filter Hooks

apply_filters( "auto_update_{$type}", $update, $item )
Parameters: (2)
  • (bool|null) $update Whether to update. The value of null is internally used to detect whether nothing has hooked into this filter.
    Required: Yes
  • (object) $item The update offer.
    Required: Yes
Defined at:

Filters whether to automatically update core, a plugin, a theme, or a language.

The dynamic portion of the hook name, $type, refers to the type of update being checked.

Possible hook names include:

  • auto_update_core
  • auto_update_plugin
  • auto_update_theme
  • auto_update_translation

Generally speaking, plugins, themes, and major core versions are not updated by default, while translations and minor and development versions for core are updated by default.

See the {@see 'allow_dev_auto_core_updates'}, {@see 'allow_minor_auto_core_updates'}, and {@see 'allow_major_auto_core_updates'} filters for a more straightforward way to adjust core updates.


$update = apply_filters( "auto_update_{$type}", $update, $item );