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do_meta_boxes ›

do_action( 'do_meta_boxes', $post_type, 'normal', $post )
Parameters: (3)
  • (string) $post_type Post type of the post on Edit Post screen, 'link' on Edit Link screen, 'dashboard' on Dashboard screen.
    Required: Yes
  • (string) $context Meta box context. Possible values include 'normal', 'advanced', 'side'.
    Required: Yes
  • (WP_Post|object|string) $post Post object on Edit Post screen, link object on Edit Link screen, an empty string on Dashboard screen.
    Required: Yes
Defined at:

Fires after meta boxes have been added.

Fires once for each of the default meta box contexts: normal, advanced, and side.


do_action( 'do_meta_boxes', $post_type, 'normal', $post );