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apply_filters( 'upgrader_package_options', $options )
  • (array) $options { Options used by the upgrader. @type string $package Package for update. @type string $destination Update location. @type bool $clear_destination Clear the destination resource. @type bool $clear_working Clear the working resource. @type bool $abort_if_destination_exists Abort if the Destination directory exists. @type bool $is_multi Whether the upgrader is running multiple times. @type array $hook_extra { Extra hook arguments. @type string $action Type of action. Default 'update'. @type string $type Type of update process. Accepts 'plugin', 'theme', or 'core'. @type bool $bulk Whether the update process is a bulk update. Default true. @type string $plugin Path to the plugin file relative to the plugins directory. @type string $theme The stylesheet or template name of the theme. @type string $language_update_type The language pack update type. Accepts 'plugin', 'theme', or 'core'. @type object $language_update The language pack update offer. } }
    Required: Yes
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Filters the package options before running an update.

See also {@see 'upgrader_process_complete'}.


$options = apply_filters( 'upgrader_package_options', $options );