So, another blog – or not?

Yeah, seems like… but, there’s a but, I guess.

I’ll make it short and sweet: I’ve been hanging around in the german WordPress Support forums as a moderator pretty often and try to help out people with their WordPress problems. As such, I’ve been coming across some tricky WordPress issues I tried to solve with the forum peeps, and these solutions I’m going to store in here. That’s it and that’s what this blog is for.

Chances are high that most people won’t need most of the stuff here, however for some this blog might be of value… eventually. Keep in mind that the problems and solutions discussed here are individual demands on the german WP forums, means, they helped at least one person (but I guess the number won’t increase :)), and are tested to work properly. But they are not going to heal cancer or something.

I won’t update the blog regularly. It depends on the user’s problems they “provide” in the forums, but every now and then I’ll try to update the blog.

So, happy blogging… to me.

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