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apply_filters( 'comments_template_query_args', $comment_args )
  • (array) $comment_args { Array of WP_Comment_Query arguments. @type string|array $orderby Field(s) to order by. @type string $order Order of results. Accepts 'ASC' or 'DESC'. @type string $status Comment status. @type array $include_unapproved Array of IDs or email addresses whose unapproved comments will be included in results. @type int $post_id ID of the post. @type bool $no_found_rows Whether to refrain from querying for found rows. @type bool $update_comment_meta_cache Whether to prime cache for comment meta. @type bool|string $hierarchical Whether to query for comments hierarchically. @type int $offset Comment offset. @type int $number Number of comments to fetch. }
    Required: Yes
Defined at:

Filters the arguments used to query comments in comments_template().


$comment_args = apply_filters( 'comments_template_query_args', $comment_args );