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File contains all the administration image manipulation functions.

Function Short description
file_is_displayable_imageValidates that file is suitable for displaying within a web page.
file_is_valid_imageValidates that file is an image.
load_image_to_editLoads an image resource for editing.
wp_copy_parent_attachment_propertiesCopy parent attachment properties to newly cropped image.
wp_create_image_subsizesCreates image sub-sizes, adds the new data to the image meta `sizes` array, and updates the image metadata.
wp_crop_imageCrops an image to a given size.
wp_exif_date2tsConverts the exif date format to a unix timestamp.
wp_exif_frac2decConverts a fraction string to a decimal.
wp_generate_attachment_metadataGenerates attachment meta data and create image sub-sizes for images.
wp_get_missing_image_subsizesCompare the existing image sub-sizes (as saved in the attachment meta) to the currently registered image sub-sizes, and return the difference.
wp_read_image_metadataGets extended image metadata, exif or iptc as available.
wp_update_image_subsizesIf any of the currently registered image sub-sizes are missing, create them and update the image meta data.
_copy_image_fileCopies an existing image file.
_load_image_to_edit_pathRetrieves the path or URL of an attachment's attached file.
_wp_image_meta_replace_originalUpdates the attached file and image meta data when the original image was edited.
_wp_make_subsizesLow-level function to create image sub-sizes.