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WordPress Administration Meta Boxes API.

Function Short description
attachment_id3_data_meta_boxDisplays fields for ID3 data.
attachment_submit_meta_boxDisplays attachment submit form fields.
link_advanced_meta_boxDisplays advanced link options form fields.
link_categories_meta_boxDisplays link categories form fields.
link_submit_meta_boxDisplays link create form fields.
link_target_meta_boxDisplays form fields for changing link target.
link_xfn_meta_boxDisplays XFN form fields.
page_attributes_meta_boxDisplays page attributes form fields.
post_author_meta_boxDisplays form field with list of authors.
post_categories_meta_boxDisplays post categories form fields.
post_comment_meta_boxDisplays comments for post.
post_comment_meta_box_theadDisplays comments for post table header
post_comment_status_meta_boxDisplays comments status form fields.
post_custom_meta_boxDisplays custom fields form fields.
post_excerpt_meta_boxDisplays post excerpt form fields.
post_format_meta_boxDisplays post format form elements.
post_revisions_meta_boxDisplays list of revisions.
post_slug_meta_boxDisplays slug form fields.
post_submit_meta_boxDisplays post submit form fields.
post_tags_meta_boxDisplays post tags form fields.
post_thumbnail_meta_boxDisplays post thumbnail meta box.
post_trackback_meta_boxDisplays trackback links form fields.
register_and_do_post_meta_boxesRegisters the default post meta boxes, and runs the `do_meta_boxes` actions.
xfn_checkDisplays 'checked' checkboxes attribute for XFN microformat options.