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Taxonomy API: Core category-specific template tags

Function Short description
category_descriptionRetrieve category description.
default_topic_count_scaleDefault topic count scaling for tag links.
get_category_linkRetrieve category link URL.
get_category_parentsRetrieve category parents with separator.
get_tag_linkRetrieve the link to the tag.
get_term_parents_listRetrieve term parents with separator.
get_the_categoryRetrieve post categories.
get_the_category_by_idRetrieve category name based on category ID.
get_the_category_listRetrieve category list in either HTML list or custom format.
get_the_tagsRetrieve the tags for a post.
get_the_tag_listRetrieve the tags for a post formatted as a string.
get_the_termsRetrieve the terms of the taxonomy that are attached to the post.
get_the_term_listRetrieve a post's terms as a list with specified format.
has_categoryCheck if the current post has any of given category.
has_tagCheck if the current post has any of given tags.
has_termCheck if the current post has any of given terms.
in_categoryCheck if the current post is within any of the given categories.
tag_descriptionRetrieve tag description.
term_descriptionRetrieve term description.
the_categoryDisplay the category list for the post.
the_tagsRetrieve the tags for a post.
the_termsDisplay the terms in a list.
walk_category_dropdown_treeRetrieve HTML dropdown (select) content for category list.
walk_category_treeRetrieve HTML list content for category list.
wp_dropdown_categoriesDisplay or retrieve the HTML dropdown list of categories.
wp_generate_tag_cloudGenerates a tag cloud (heatmap) from provided data.
wp_list_categoriesDisplay or retrieve the HTML list of categories.
wp_tag_cloudDisplay tag cloud.
_wp_object_count_sort_cbServes as a callback for comparing objects based on count.
_wp_object_name_sort_cbServes as a callback for comparing objects based on name.