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WordPress scripts and styles default loader.

Function Short description
print_admin_stylesPrints the styles queue in the HTML head on admin pages.
print_footer_scriptsPrints the scripts that were queued for the footer or too late for the HTML head.
print_head_scriptsPrints the script queue in the HTML head on admin pages.
print_late_stylesPrints the styles that were queued too late for the HTML head.
script_concat_settingsDetermine the concatenation and compression settings for scripts and styles.
wp_default_scriptsRegister all WordPress scripts.
wp_default_stylesAssign default styles to $styles object.
wp_enqueue_scriptsWrapper for do_action('wp_enqueue_scripts')
wp_just_in_time_script_localizationLoad localized data on print rather than initialization.
wp_localize_community_eventsLocalizes community events data that needs to be passed to dashboard.js.
wp_localize_jquery_ui_datepickerLocalizes the jQuery UI datepicker.
wp_print_footer_scriptsHooks to print the scripts and styles in the footer.
wp_print_head_scriptsPrints the script queue in the HTML head on the front end.
wp_prototype_before_jqueryReorder JavaScript scripts array to place prototype before jQuery.
wp_style_loader_srcAdministration Screen CSS for changing the styles.
_print_scriptsPrint scripts (internal use only)
_print_stylesPrint styles (internal use only)
_wp_footer_scriptsPrivate, for use in *_footer_scripts hooks