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Deprecated functions from past WordPress versions. You shouldn't use these functions and look for the alternatives instead. The functions will be removed in a later version.

Function Short description
addslashes_strings_onlyAdds slashes only if the provided value is a string.
add_custom_backgroundAdd callbacks for background image display.
add_custom_image_headerAdd callbacks for image header display.
add_option_whitelistAdds an array of options to the list of allowed options.
attribute_escapeEscaping for HTML attributes.
automatic_feed_linksEnable/disable automatic general feed link outputting.
block_core_file_ensure_interactivity_dependencyEnsure that the view script has the `wp-interactivity` dependency.
block_core_image_ensure_interactivity_dependencyEnsures that the view script has the `wp-interactivity` dependency.
block_core_navigation_submenu_build_css_colorsBuild an array with CSS classes and inline styles defining the colors which will be applied to the navigation markup in the front-end.
block_core_query_ensure_interactivity_dependencyEnsure that the view script has the `wp-interactivity` dependency.
clean_page_cacheWill clean the page in the cache.
clean_preAccepts matches array from preg_replace_callback in wpautop() or a string.
clean_urlChecks and cleans a URL.
comments_popup_scriptDisplay the JS popup script to show a comment.
comments_rssReturn link to the post RSS feed.
comments_rss_linkPrint RSS comment feed link.
create_userAn alias of wp_create_user().
debug_fcloseClose the debugging file handle.
debug_fopenOpen the file handle for debugging.
debug_fwriteWrite contents to the file used for debugging.
default_topic_count_textOld callback for tag link tooltips.
delete_usermetaRemove user meta data.
dropdown_catsDeprecated method for generating a drop-down of categories.
force_ssl_loginWhether SSL login should be forced.
format_to_postFormerly used to escape strings before inserting into the DB.
funky_javascript_callbackCallback used to change %uXXXX to &#YYY; syntax
funky_javascript_fixFixes JavaScript bugs in browsers.
gd_edit_image_supportCheck if the installed version of GD supports particular image type
get_alloptionsRetrieve all autoload options, or all options if no autoloaded ones exist.
get_all_category_idsRetrieves all category IDs.
get_archivesRetrieves a list of archives.
get_attachment_iconRetrieve HTML content of icon attachment image element.
get_attachment_icon_srcRetrieve icon URL and Path.
get_attachment_innerhtmlRetrieve HTML content of image element.
get_author_linkReturns or Prints link to the author's posts.
get_author_nameRetrieve the specified author's preferred display name.
get_author_rss_linkPrint/Return link to author RSS feed.
get_autotoggleGets the auto_toggle setting.
get_boundary_post_rel_linkGet boundary post relational link.
get_category_childrenRetrieve category children list separated before and after the term IDs.
get_category_rss_linkPrint/Return link to category RSS2 feed.
get_catnameRetrieve the category name by the category ID.
get_commentdataRetrieve an array of comment data about comment $comment_id.
get_comments_popup_templateRetrieve path of comment popup template in current or parent template.
get_current_themeRetrieve current theme name.
get_index_rel_linkGet site index relational link.
get_linkRetrieves bookmark data based on ID.
get_linkcatnameGets the name of category by ID.
get_linkobjectsGets an array of link objects associated with category n.
get_linkobjectsbynameGets an array of link objects associated with category $cat_name.
get_linkratingLegacy function that retrieved the value of a link's link_rating field.
get_linksGets the links associated with category by ID.
get_linksbynameGets the links associated with category $cat_name.
get_linksbyname_withratingGets the links associated with category 'cat_name' and display rating stars/chars.
get_links_listOutput entire list of links by category.
get_links_withratingGets the links associated with category n and display rating stars/chars.
get_paged_templateRetrieve path of paged template in current or parent template.
get_page_by_titleRetrieves a page given its title.
get_parent_post_rel_linkGet parent post relational link.
get_postdataRetrieves all post data for a given post.
get_profileRetrieve user data based on field.
get_settingsGet value based on option.
get_shortcut_linkRetrieves the Press This bookmarklet link.
get_themeRetrieve theme data.
get_themesRetrieve list of themes with theme data in theme directory.
get_theme_dataRetrieve theme data from parsed theme file.
get_the_attachment_linkRetrieve HTML content of attachment image with link.
get_the_author_aimRetrieve the AIM address of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_descriptionRetrieve the description of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_emailRetrieve the email of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_firstnameRetrieve the first name of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_icqRetrieve the ICQ number of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_idRetrieve the ID of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_lastnameRetrieve the last name of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_loginRetrieve the login name of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_msnRetrieve the MSN address of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_nicknameRetrieve the nickname of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_urlRetrieve the URL to the home page of the author of the current post.
get_the_author_yimRetrieve the Yahoo! IM name of the author of the current post.
get_usermetaRetrieve user metadata.
get_usernumpostsRetrieves the number of posts a user has written.
get_users_of_blogGet users for the site.
get_user_metavaluesPerform the query to get the $metavalues array(s) needed by _fill_user and _fill_many_users
global_terms_enabledDetermines whether global terms are enabled.
gzip_compressionUnused function.
image_resizeScale down an image to fit a particular size and save a new copy of the image.
index_rel_linkDisplay relational link for the site index.
is_blog_userChecks if the current user belong to a given site.
is_comments_popupDetermines whether the current URL is within the comments popup window.
is_plugin_pageDetermines whether the current admin page is generated by a plugin.
is_taxonomyChecks that the taxonomy name exists.
is_termCheck if Term exists.
js_escapeEscape single quotes, specialchar double quotes, and fix line endings.
like_escapeFormerly used to escape strings before searching the DB. It was poorly documented and never worked as described.
links_popup_scriptShow the link to the links popup and the number of links.
link_pagesPrint list of pages based on arguments.
list_authorsLists authors.
list_catsLists categories.
make_url_footnoteStrip HTML and put links at the bottom of stripped content.
next_postPrints link to the next post.
noindexDisplays a `noindex` meta tag if required by the blog configuration.
parent_post_rel_linkDisplay relational link for parent item
permalink_linkPrint the permalink of the current post in the loop.
permalink_single_rssPrint the permalink to the RSS feed.
popuplinksAdds element attributes to open links in new tabs.
post_permalinkRetrieve permalink from post ID.
preview_themeStart preview theme output buffer.
preview_theme_ob_filterCallback function for ob_start() to capture all links in the theme.
preview_theme_ob_filter_callbackManipulates preview theme links in order to control and maintain location.
previous_postPrints a link to the previous post.
print_embed_stylesPrints the CSS in the embed iframe header.
print_emoji_stylesPrints the important emoji-related styles.
register_sidebar_widgetRegister widget for sidebar with backward compatibility.
register_widget_controlRegisters widget control callback for customizing options.
remove_custom_backgroundRemove custom background support.
remove_custom_image_headerRemove image header support.
remove_option_whitelistRemoves a list of options from the allowed options list.
rich_edit_existsDetermine if TinyMCE is available.
sanitize_user_objectSanitize every user field.
start_post_rel_linkDisplay relational link for the first post.
start_wpSets up the WordPress Loop.
sticky_classDisplay "sticky" CSS class, if a post is sticky.
the_author_aimDisplay the AIM address of the author of the current post.
the_author_descriptionDisplay the description of the author of the current post.
the_author_emailDisplay the email of the author of the current post.
the_author_firstnameDisplay the first name of the author of the current post.
the_author_icqDisplay the ICQ number of the author of the current post.
the_author_idDisplay the ID of the author of the current post.
the_author_lastnameDisplay the last name of the author of the current post.
the_author_loginDisplay the login name of the author of the current post.
the_author_msnDisplay the MSN address of the author of the current post.
the_author_nicknameDisplay the nickname of the author of the current post.
the_author_urlDisplay the URL to the home page of the author of the current post.
the_author_yimDisplay the Yahoo! IM name of the author of the current post.
the_block_template_skip_linkPrints the skip-link script & styles.
the_category_headPrints a category with optional text before and after.
the_category_idReturns or prints a category ID.
the_content_rssDisplay the post content for the feed.
the_editorDisplays an editor: TinyMCE, HTML, or both.
translate_with_contextTranslates $text like translate(), but assumes that the text contains a context after its last vertical bar.
unregister_sidebar_widgetServes as an alias of wp_unregister_sidebar_widget().
unregister_widget_controlAlias of wp_unregister_widget_control().
update_category_cacheUpdate the categories cache.
update_page_cacheAlias of update_post_cache().
update_usermetaUpdate metadata of user.
url_is_accessable_via_sslDetermines if the URL can be accessed over SSL.
user_can_create_draftWhether user can create a post.
user_can_create_postWhether user can create a post.
user_can_delete_postWhether user can delete a post.
user_can_delete_post_commentsWhether user can delete a post.
user_can_edit_postWhether user can edit a post.
user_can_edit_post_commentsWhether user can delete a post.
user_can_edit_post_dateWhether user can delete a post.
user_can_edit_userCan user can edit other user.
user_can_set_post_dateWhether user can set new posts' dates.
user_pass_okCheck that the user login name and password is correct.
wlwmanifest_linkDisplays the link to the Windows Live Writer manifest file.
wp_add_iframed_editor_assets_htmlInject the block editor assets that need to be loaded into the editor's iframe as an inline script.
wp_admin_bar_dashboard_view_site_menuAdd the "Dashboard"/"Visit Site" menu.
wp_admin_bar_headerPrints style and scripts for the admin bar.
wp_ajax_press_this_add_categoryAjax handler for creating new category from Press This.
wp_ajax_press_this_save_postAjax handler for saving a post from Press This.
wp_blacklist_checkDoes comment contain disallowed characters or words.
wp_convert_bytes_to_hrConverts an integer byte value to a shorthand byte value.
wp_embed_handler_googlevideoThe Google Video embed handler callback.
wp_explain_nonceRetrieve nonce action "Are you sure" message.
wp_get_attachment_thumb_fileRetrieves thumbnail for an attachment.
wp_get_duotone_filter_idReturns the prefixed id for the duotone filter for use as a CSS id.
wp_get_duotone_filter_propertyReturns the CSS filter property url to reference the rendered SVG.
wp_get_duotone_filter_svgReturns the duotone filter SVG string for the preset.
wp_get_global_styles_svg_filtersReturns a string containing the SVGs to be referenced as filters (duotone).
wp_get_httpPerform a HTTP HEAD or GET request.
wp_get_linksGets the links associated with category.
wp_get_linksbynameGets the links associated with the named category.
wp_get_loading_attr_defaultGets the default value to use for a `loading` attribute on an element.
wp_get_post_catsRetrieves a list of post categories.
wp_get_single_postRetrieve a single post, based on post ID.
wp_get_user_request_dataReturn the user request object for the specified request ID.
wp_global_styles_render_svg_filtersRenders the SVG filters supplied by theme.json.
wp_htmledit_preFormats text for the HTML editor.
wp_img_tag_add_decoding_attrAdds `decoding` attribute to an `img` HTML tag.
wp_img_tag_add_loading_attrAdds `loading` attribute to an `img` HTML tag.
wp_interactivity_process_directives_of_interactive_blocksProcesses the directives on the rendered HTML of the interactive blocks.
wp_kses_js_entitiesRemoves the HTML JavaScript entities found in early versions of Netscape 4.
wp_list_catsLists categories.
wp_load_imageLoad an image from a string, if PHP supports it.
wp_make_content_images_responsiveFilters 'img' elements in post content to add 'srcset' and 'sizes' attributes.
wp_no_robotsDisplay a `noindex` meta tag.
wp_queue_comments_for_comment_meta_lazyloadQueues comments for metadata lazy-loading.
wp_register_duotone_supportRegisters the style and colors block attributes for block types that support it.
wp_render_duotone_filter_presetRenders the duotone filter SVG and returns the CSS filter property to reference the rendered SVG.
wp_render_duotone_supportRenders out the duotone stylesheet and SVG.
wp_render_elements_supportUpdates the block content with elements class names.
wp_richedit_preFormats text for the rich text editor.
wp_sensitive_page_metaDisplay a `noindex,noarchive` meta tag and referrer `strict-origin-when-cross-origin` meta tag.
wp_set_post_catsSets the categories that the post ID belongs to.
wp_skip_border_serializationChecks whether serialization of the current block's border properties should occur.
wp_skip_dimensions_serializationChecks whether serialization of the current block's dimensions properties should occur.
wp_skip_spacing_serializationChecks whether serialization of the current block's spacing properties should occur.
wp_slash_strings_onlyAdds slashes to only string values in an array of values.
wp_specialcharsLegacy escaping for HTML blocks.
wp_timezone_supportedCheck for PHP timezone support
wp_tinycolor_bound01Takes input from [0, n] and returns it as [0, 1].
wp_tinycolor_hsl_to_rgbConverts an HSL object to an RGB object with converted and rounded values.
wp_tinycolor_hue_to_rgbHelper function for hsl to rgb conversion.
wp_tinycolor_rgb_to_rgbRounds and converts values of an RGB object.
wp_tinycolor_string_to_rgbParses hex, hsl, and rgb CSS strings using the same regex as TinyColor v1.4.2 used in the JavaScript. Only colors output from react-color are implemented.
wp_typography_get_css_variable_inline_styleGenerates an inline style for a typography feature e.g. text decoration, text transform, and font style.
wp_unregister_globalsTurn register globals off.
wp_update_https_detection_errorsRuns a remote HTTPS request to detect whether HTTPS supported, and stores potential errors.
_admin_bar_bump_cbPrints default admin bar callback.
_cRetrieve translated string with vertical bar context
_excerpt_render_inner_columns_blocksRender inner blocks from the `core/columns` block for generating an excerpt.
_filter_query_attachment_filenamesFilter the SQL clauses of an attachment query to include filenames.
_get_path_to_translationGets the path to a translation file for loading a textdomain just in time.
_get_path_to_translation_from_lang_dirGets the path to a translation file in the languages directory for the current locale.
_get_post_ancestorsRetrieve post ancestors.
_inject_theme_attribute_in_block_template_contentParses wp_template content and injects the active theme's stylesheet as a theme attribute into each wp_template_part
_ncLegacy version of _n(), which supports contexts.
_preview_theme_stylesheet_filterPrivate function to modify the current stylesheet when previewing a theme
_preview_theme_template_filterPrivate function to modify the current template when previewing a theme
_remove_theme_attribute_in_block_template_contentParses a block template and removes the theme attribute from each template part.
_resolve_home_block_templateReturns the correct template for the site's home page.
_save_post_hookCallback formerly fired on the save_post hook. No longer needed.
_search_terms_tidyFormerly used internally to tidy up the search terms.
_sort_nav_menu_itemsSort menu items by the desired key.
_usort_terms_by_idSort categories by ID.
_usort_terms_by_nameSort categories by name.
_wp_multiple_block_stylesAllows multiple block styles.
_wp_register_meta_args_whitelistFilters out `register_meta()` args based on an allowed list.
_wp_theme_json_webfonts_handlerRuns the theme.json webfonts handler.
_wp_tinycolor_bound_alphaDirect port of tinycolor's boundAlpha function to maintain consistency with how tinycolor works.
__ngettextRetrieve the plural or single form based on the amount.
__ngettext_noopRegister plural strings in POT file, but don't translate them.